Emerald City is a bustling metropolis on the west coast of the United States, where one can go from the glamorous downtown to the dangerous slums to the untouched wilderness all in an hour's drive. It's also one of the most likely locations on the planet to find people with superpowers.

For those one-in-a-million teenagers that spontaneously develop superpowers, living a normal life is never really an option. Superpowers break the laws of reality itself, so who wouldn't use them to protect what one cares about? The general populace is suspicious of superheroes and supervillains alike, forcing them to hide behind masks and stay out of the public eye, but their choices ultimately have far-reaching effects on unpowered people too, and the truth always surfaces eventually. Superpowered individuals are the first line of defense, both against each other and against the inhuman horrors that force even the bitterest enemies to find common cause.
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Everything you need to know about Notorious is in these boards. Whether that be the premise, rules, or even announcements and updates, everything here is important to look through.

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All claims, as well as the character template is located here. Post your character In the proper sub-boards when you're ready to have it reviewed.

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Need a little help getting some threads started? Have an idea, but no one to play it out with yet? Come here to get some stories going.

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You can talk about anything here.

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The beating heart of Emerald City, these towers of gleaming steel and glass are home to a number of the world's most successful corporations. If rumors are to be believed, the Emerald City branch of Bulwark is also based here. Banks and corporate offices make tempting targets for supervillains, after all, and it takes superheroes to protect them.

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Emerald City's original claim to fame was the historic port on the south side of the city, but technological and political developments have pushed the local economy in other directions. Some goods bound for other parts of the country are still shipped through here, but the piers and warehouses were scaled for a busier era, and the excess facilities have been taken over by squatters and smugglers.

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As one ventures northward from the downtown area, the skyscrapers give way to apartment complexes and then to single-family homes. Emerald City's booming technology and entertainment industries drive the growth here, and the area is interspersed with small office buildings and shopping centers. A significant portion of the northmost area has been cordoned off for rebuilding in the wake of the recent dragon attack.

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Passenger ferries run between this small island and Emerald City proper twice daily. The property values here are sky-high, which makes for a very wealthy, very exclusive local community. Contributing to the isolation is a sense of unease that visitors often report, an impression that the locals smile a little too widely, are just a bit too polite, and seem to share a sense of terror towards something of which they dare not speak.

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The land further from the coast rises up in steep mountains, unsuitable for construction. Many residents of Emerald City enjoy the nature trails of the valley between the peaks, but further up is only trackless wilderness. One can spend days hiking the heavily-forested terrain without seeing a single sign of human life.

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